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TYMB810 Printing cutting machine


Function characteristics: 

The machine is that one kind can be cut to various kinds of cardboards,leather,plastic products,take shape protrudingly and concavly the mould.can carry on the gilt multi-functional equipment on the plane.Machine this is it is adopt one-chip computer accuse of technology a little,make it is it walk screen accurate sonsumotion electric province,with high efficiency to have partly to control to operate ,operate simply the key,belong to the integrated advanced equipment of electromechanics 


Pressing and Printing effcient area : 780 × 550mm
Jumping times :  0-99 times
Max.foil length : 0-520mm
Heating board regulation : 750 × 540mm/ 560 × 400mm
Highest speed : 1680 times / hour 
continue the paper way : continues the paper manually 
Eleatrothermal general power : 6KWevery area is 2KW 
Dimensions (L*W*H): 1600 × 1400 × 1750mm
Net Weight: 2500Kg 
Motor Power: 2.2KW